Financial reports and letters

Financial reporting for non-government multi campus schools

From 2010 all non-government multi-campus schools are required to report their financial data at a combined school level against the head campus of the school. This reflects the fact that these schools are registered with the Australian Government Department of Education and Training (AGDET) as one school with a single school identifier and report financial data to the department at the school level.

It is important to note that for the 2009 calendar year a small number of non-government multi-campus schools reported their financial data at the campus level.

For these schools, the financial data reported on My School for 2009 remain identified at the campus level; the financial data for 2010 and onwards are reported at the school level. As such, it is not possible to draw direct comparisons between the 2009 and future years’ finance data. Any observed substantial increases in the reporting lines of multi-campus schools are likely to be attributable to this change in reporting methodology.

The revision of reporting requirements from 2010 reflects the need to refine and standardise financial reporting at the school level, and to take into account the arrangements that apply for these schools in their registration and reporting of their financial data with the AGDET.

There are other schools that appear to be multi-campus schools due to a shared name and/or association with a common organisation, but that operate as separate financial entities and are registered as separate schools with the AGDET. The definition of multi-campus schools for the purposes of My School does not include those schools, and they continue to report financial data as separate schools.