What's new

The My School website latest update contains:

  • 2023 NAPLAN results for schools

  • 2023 school profile and population data

  • 2023 student attendance data for Semester 1

  • 2022 school financial information

  • 2022 VET participation and outcomes

  • 2022 year 12 certifications



Student progress

Information for principals

NAPLAN data on the My School website is displayed over 2 pages as ‘Results’ and ‘Student progress’.

These pages can be accessed through a drop-down menu from a school’s navigation bar.


The results in the My School portal look different in 2023 to previous years.

You will still see average NAPLAN student results for 2023 at each school compared to those of students with a similar background and all Australian students.

However, as NAPLAN testing moved from May to March in 2023 and the NAPLAN scale was reset, this means you can’t compare NAPLAN achievement prior to 2023 to that from 2023 onwards.

That’s why the NAPLAN results page has been split into 2, with the 2023 NAPLAN results being separated from the 2014–2022 NAPLAN results.

For previous years, NAPLAN results over time are shown on a single ‘Student results’ page. NAPLAN participation is shown as an overall participation rate on the NAPLAN ‘Student results’ page.

The student results table shows the average student results at a school for the selected year. The cells of the table are colour-coded to show how the school's results compare to the average NAPLAN score of all students across the country with a similar background.

Student background is determined using Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) data; that is, by parental occupation and education (socio-educational advantage, or SEA), Indigeneity and location of the school.

Student progress

The NAPLAN student progress page shows how much NAPLAN results at the selected school have improved since the students did NAPLAN 2 years ago (that is, Year 3 to Year 5, or Year 7 to Year 9).

There is no student progress reporting for 2020–2022 following the cancellation of NAPLAN in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is also no student progress reporting for 2021–2023 due to the resetting of the NAPLAN measurement scale and earlier assessment of students in 2023.

For other years, you can compare this progress with the amount of improvement achieved by other students:

  • with the same starting score and similar backgrounds
  • across all Australian schools.

For more detailed information on recent changes to the My School website, see Information for principals.