What is the My School website for?


The My School website provides parents with information about every Australian school. As a parent, you can access information about your child’s school, as well as schools local to you and across Australia.

Information on the website 

Every Australian school has its own landing page on the website. On a school’s page, you can find:

  • attendance rates 
  • average achievement of students in NAPLAN and student progress over time
  • information about a school’s student numbers
  • school financial data 
  • staff numbers at each school.

You will also find information on vocational education and training (VET) in schools (where relevant), the number of senior students who completed Year 12 and/or who were awarded a senior certificate of education, as well as their post-school destinations, where this information is available.

A short description of the school provided by the school’s principal is also included in the introduction section. 

Searching for local schools 

My School shows up to 20 schools located within 80 kilometres of the school you have selected, with links to those schools’ profile pages. The My School website will not automatically show you the comparison of these schools’ NAPLAN results; this is because My School only lets you compare ‘similar schools’, for reasons of fair comparison.