Information for principals on the 2020 changes

NAPLAN data on the My School website is displayed over 2 pages as ‘Student results’ and ‘Student progress’. These pages can be accessed through a drop-down menu from the school’s navigation bar.

The changes help parents/carers and school authorities see how a school is performing in supporting student progress (that is, improving literacy and numeracy outcomes over the 2 years since the previous NAPLAN tests), and reduce focus on ‘school versus school’ comparisons that only take account of overall levels of achievement.

Please note: there is no student progress reporting for 2020-2022 following the cancellation of NAPLAN in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is also no student progress reporting for 2021-2023 due to the resetting of the NAPLAN measurement scale and earlier assessment of students in 2023.

What's changed: student results

Before: NAPLAN results were shown on separate ‘numbers’ and ‘graphs’ pages. The ‘graphs’ page showed NAPLAN results over time.

Now: NAPLAN results, including over time, are now shown on a single ‘student results’ page.

However, as NAPLAN testing moved from May to March in 2023 and the NAPLAN scale was reset, you can’t compare NAPLAN achievement prior to 2023 to that from 2023 onwards.

Consequently, the NAPLAN results page has been split into 2, with the 2023 NAPLAN results being separated from the 2014–2022 NAPLAN results.


More information

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